Our implementation arm harnesses the power of implementation science theories, models and frameworks, and the proven track record of the Yorkshire and Humber Improvement Academy, to maximise the impact of our core themes on policy and practice. We support the adoption and spread of evidence that emerges from our ARC to support improved outcomes for patients and the public.

Our aims are

  • To build on our track record of translating new evidence into policy and practice.

  • To tailor ‘actionable tools’ and evidence-based ways of intervening in the health and care system.

  • To support close relationships between the ARC and the end-users, including clinicians, policy-makers, healthcare delivery organisations, patients and the public.

  • To develop a ‘pipeline’ of implementation work for the health and care system.

Introduction to Implementation Science

Kristian Hudson, Implementation Specialist at the Improvement Academy, runs a weekly podcast where he talks to implementation specialists and researchers around the world.

  • Want to implement something across your organisation?

  • Wondering why something is not having the impact you had hoped?

  • Maybe you are developing something new and want to make sure it has the best chance of success possible?

Whatever your interest in implementation be sure to check out the Essential Implementation Podcast! The home of the latest expert advice and experience in regards to implementation. We have been speaking to implementation scientists, researchers, clinicians, healthcare staff, project managers, implementation practitioners and many more about their experiences and views in regards to implementation. Ultimately, how can we make sure things get implemented well and therefore impact society as intended? Tune in to find out!

Essential Implementation

Our implementation approach is characterised by:

  • Building on networks – our implementation work builds on NIHR structures in the region and our strong AHSN Improvement Academy networks of clinicians, care provider organisations, and regional and national improvement experts.

  • Measurement – ‘measurement for improvement’ is a key part of our implementation, using runcharts and SPC at both frontline implementation level (learning, motivation, and culture change) and at programme level (evaluation) to assess what difference the ARC has made.

  • Behaviour change approaches – we embed behaviour change approaches within our implementation strategies, extending our practice of training and coaching individuals over the past 5 years.

  • Strong public, patient and other service user engagement – led by our lay improvement fellows we have established effective ways to engage patients, other service users, and the public in developing implementation strategies and approaches.

  • Learning from excellence – throughout all of our implementation endeavours we seek to learn from positive practical examples of excellence, recognising that there are many islands of excellence throughout our health and care system.

City of Research

We have developed the concept of City of Research initially in Bradford and will replicate this in Doncaster. Our approach recognises the importance of place, but also the opportunity to build capacity outside our traditional centres of research excellence (Leeds, Sheffield, York). A City of Research aims to:

  • Promote innovation and translation into routine practice

  • Increase understanding and awareness of research across all stakeholders

  • Support communities in co-production of research

  • Identify excellence wherever it exists and learn from it

  • Enable cross-sector collaboration for innovation and transaction to foster whole-system change

  • Build capacity in research and innovate and attract the brightest minds to work in some of the most challenging settings.

  • Attract industry and enterprise to work with researchers to promote investment and economic growth

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