Priority Setting 

The priority setting topic works with the public, public services and others to ensure that:

Priority Setting projects include: 

Community and practitioner research priority setting for happy and healthy children - Yorkshire and Humber

Through a review of local plans for children's health and wellbeing, engagement with public sector organisations, other organisations, policy makers and the community, we are seeking to understand current priorities regarding child health and wellbeing.  This will inform our ongoing research and help us develop new research projects that are important and relevant to people in the Yorkshire and Humber Region.

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Chris Cartwright, project lead -

PhD: Incorporating community and local organisations views and needs in priority setting for research - a city wide inclusive approach to tackling obesity in Pakistani women

Local communities are not usually involved in research prioritisation and Black and minority ethnic communities more generally, are under-represented in public health research due to perceived barriers in recruitment.  

Pakistani women have disproportionally higher rates of obesity and obesity related conditions compared to the wider population. This study has co-produced an obesity research agenda with Pakistani women living in deprived inner city areas using interviews, focus groups, and a survey to generate Pakistani women obesity concerns and unmet needs, and a ranking exercise to prioritise these needs.  

The research has incorporated the obesity concerns and unmet needs of this population so that researchers, policy makers and funders can take these unmet needs into account when deciding on the direction of research and policy.

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For more information about the topic reach out to: 

Chris Cartwright, Topic lead-