Making a difference

The Yorkshire and Humber ARC’s implementation arm will harness the proven track record of the Yorkshire and Humber Improvement Academy to maximise the impact of our core themes on policy and practice. We will support the adoption and spread of evidence that emerges from our ARC, speeding up the transformation of our health and care system to support the delivery of improved outcomes for patients and our communities.

Examples of how our research is making a difference

Bradford District COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Group (C-SAG)

The Bradford District COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Group (C-SAG) was established in March 2020 to support the local response to COVID-19. As part of the national #ARCImpacts campaign, we have shared key achievements of our Bradford COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Group (C-SAG) in a animated video.

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Learn more about our ARC's COVID-19 response here: COVID-19 Response

Earlier support for children with Autism

We have pioneered methods to link and share routine data across health, education and social care highlighting inequalities in access to care for children with autism. We have used this data to show how reception year assessments are highly predictive of autism, leading to a redesign of children’s mental health services to provide early support. (Healthy childhood research theme)

National impact of healthcare guidance on people with frailty

We have developed, validated and implemented nationally the electronic Frailty Index (eFI). Major impact was achieved through inclusion in NICE multi-morbidity guideline and enabling major NHS policy change through the 2017/18 contract for family doctors. Following national implementation of the eFI, NHS England data indicate over 2.5 million older people have been assessed for frailty and around one million people have been identified as living with moderate or severe frailty. Approximately 200,000 people living with severe frailty have received evidence-based interventions such as falls prevention interventions or medication reviews. (Older people research theme)

Helping NHS Trusts to go smoke-free

We conducted large scale staff surveys of local NHS trusts to identify barriers and facilitators to them going ‘smoke-free’. Our research improved the quality of NHS services, and has been used as an exemplar in policy documents used by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH). (Mental health research theme)

Helping policy-makers to understand impact of winter pressures on emergency departments

We provided key evidence to the Parliamentary Health Select Committee on pressures in the Urgent and Emergency Care system system which was published in their subsequent report ‘Winter Pressures in Accident and Emergency Departments’. (Urgent care research theme)