Core team

Prof John Wright - Director

Sally Bridges - Programme Manager

Chung Fu - Business Manager

Carolyn Clover - Team Administrator

Dr Lesley Brown - Theme Coordinator

Dr Christine Smith - Co-Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Lead

Dr Claire Marsh - Co-Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Lead

Shahima Begum - Communications Coordinator

Prof Jo Cooke - Capacity Building Lead

Healthy childhood

Prof Kate Pickett - Theme Co-Lead

Dr Rosie McEachan - Theme Co-Lead

Chris Cartwright - Theme Manager

Mental health

Prof Simon Gilbody - Theme Co-Lead

Prof Scott Weich - Theme Co-Lead

Ruth Wadman -Theme Manager

Older people

Dr Andrew Clegg - Theme Lead

Dr Lesley Brown - Theme Manager

Urgent care

Prof Suzanne Mason - Theme Lead

Colin Okeeffe - Theme Manager

Health economics

Prof Tracey Young - Theme Co-Lead

Dr Laura Bojke - Theme Co-Lead

Amanda Lane - Theme Administrator

Improvement science

Prof Rebecca Lawton - Theme Lead

Ruth Simms-Ellis - Theme Manager


Michael McCooe - Implementation Lead

Beverley Slater - Improvement Academy Director