Involving our communities

Researchers in Yorkshire and Humber have a long tradition of involving members of the public and patients in their studies as advisors, co-researchers and as participants that have informed the YHARC theme development. There are already established forums within each theme area (e.g. Young Ambassador Groups; Frailty Oversight Group; an Emergency Care Forum; Diabetes in Mental Health panel).

We also have a wealth of experience of wider community engagement and participation through social media, networking, family festivals and citizen science.

Our Patient & Public Involvement Co-Leads (Christine Smith & Claire Marsh) will work with a co-chair to establish an ‘Involvement Leadership Group’ to support our researchers to build on our strong foundation. This will involve members of those forums established in each Theme. The purpose of the group will be to support continued innovation and creativity in this area, harness and share the learning, experiences, and skills in involvement across the YHARC as well as enhancing communication and relationships of those working in and contributing to different themes. We will use this website as a key vehicle for this and each Theme page will contain regular updates in this area.

The Leadership Group will also lead on evaluation and publication of innovation in involvement, linking our researchers in a two-way dialogue with national priorities and best practice for involvement so that we can learn from others as well as contribute insights and evidence from our YHARC experiences.

Some key words describe our ethos and approach: relationships, listening, innovation, creativity, diversity, outreach, evidence and impact.