Involving our communities

Our Patient and Public Involvement/Engagement (PPIE) work is led by a small team that we call the PPIE Leadership & Support Group (PSLG).

This is made up of two members of ARC staff (Christine Smith and Claire Marsh), and two lay advisors (Joyce Fox and Ruby Bhatti OBE).

PPIE Leadership & Support Group (PSLG).

Join the discussion about PPIE in our ARC.

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PPIE Training Summary

PPIE Strategy - March 2021

COVID and me

COVID PPI Guidance

Find out about the regional network for PPIE across the health community.

Meet the PLSG

  • Joyce Fox (lay)

With personal experience as a carer, and with long-term health conditions, Joyce cares deeply about patient involvement at all levels: in their own care, in service design and improvement, and in research. She has held a range of operational and strategic involvement roles with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), and other organisations locally, regionally and nationally.

  • Rubi Bhatti OBE (lay)

Lay Chair for the Wolfson Centre steering board; a reviewer for the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR); Patient Research Ambassador/Champion; Deputy Chair for the Bradford City CCG; Chair for the Primary Care Commissioning Committee and Lay member for governance. Bradford District Care Trust - Associate Hospital Manager for the Mental Health Department, and also a committee member on the Mental Health Legislative Committee.

  • Claire Marsh (staff)

A patient experience researcher and champion of participatory engagement & improvement methods such as action research, coaching, reflective practice and facilitation.

  • Christine Smith (staff)

Christine is a public involvement and research impact researcher, with experience of facilitation, evaluation and programme management.

The PLSG supports:

  • researcher teams in each of the Y&H ARC themes plan, support and report on best practice PPIE in their projects

  • communications with the public around the work of the Y&H ARC

  • training, development & mentoring opportunities for researchers and the public in the YH-ARC.

The PLSG seeks to influence the research programmes at all levels, and is tied into best practice networks for inspiration and support.

Help us shape our involvement work

  1. What do you think successful involvement/engagement would look like?

  2. Why do you think PPIE is important to the ARC?

  3. What specific things can patients & the public contribute by being involved and engaged in ARC research?

  4. How can we engage more with all parts of our communities to ensure a diversity of input in our work?

Contact: Christine Smith or Claire Marsh